Dudley, aka Duds, is covered in signs that life has been a hard one.  What a sweet old soul he is.  We don't know his age but he appears to be around 10. 


Duds is a low rider, mellow and easy going. He spends a lot of time snoozing in between meals.  The clink of kibble in the bowl brings him slowly to the kitchen twice a day.  He is very grateful and loves to curl up in a soft place when he isn't lying outside in the sun.


Dudley ignores other dogs and cats.  He moves very slowly due to a previous injury to his front right leg.  The leg twists a bit making the foot knuckle over, which makes it difficult for him to walk.  He will never be able to go on a walk but he can wander around the yard, provide companionship and love.  Duds doesn't kiss but he is very grateful to have a warm home and a full belly.  It's obvious by his wagging tail.  He does take a daily pain med to keep him comfortable.   

Dudley loves napping in the sunshine. Therefore, a fenced yard is required to adopt him.  (No underground fences)